26Jun 2014

Update on Little Man

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36+ weeks over here. Less than 3 left. Considering little guy needs surgery within 72 hours after he is born, I have been glad for any and all incubation time he gave us, but I would be lying if I acted like I wasn’t happy to see the end of this pregnancy in sight! Just in time to close out the summer with a few mojitos. Oh, and if this adorable monogrammed bath towel didn’t give it away, little man now has a name: Miller.

My husband and I spent the day at the hospital a few weeks ago getting scans, meeting with the surgeon, etc. Several things came from this incredibly long day of appointments.¬†First on the agenda was another comprehensive ultrasound. Everyone (the tech, the radiologist, hubs, and myself) saw communication between the duodenum and the stomach. This led the radiologist to tell us that she believes it is likely duodenal stenosis as opposed to a complete atresia. We were elated to hear this because, while the surgical approach is still the same, the recovery would be much quicker. So hopefully she is right and that’s the case.

Next up was an MRI. I had sort of been dreading this but my awesome mind over matter combined with my yoga breathing (I know what I sound like, you don’t have to say it) meant that I nearly fell asleep. Had it not been for the earmuffs digging into the side of my jaw and the fact that I began to get really hot towards the end, I definitely would have fallen asleep. They let me pick a Pandora station to listen to while the scan was going on; I went with Michael Buble and it was very relaxing.

The afternoon kicked off with a fetal echocardiogram. This I did not enjoy. While it was nice to see his little heart, it got boring pretty quickly. The husband was bored and he is obsessed with and works in cardio, so that’s saying something. I guess I had been on my back too long because when she told me to roll (yeah, ok) onto my side, I got clammy and nauseated very quickly. I propped myself up and was like air conditioner, now. She alleges she turned it down but honestly, there should be portable fans in those rooms for quick relief. Don’t they know their demographic?

Last up was our appointment with the primary surgeon on the case. We absolutely loved him and have total confidence in him. I really hope it’s him actually performing the surgery, which he described as just a little plumbing work, and not another surgeon. Not that they wouldn’t be competent but we just really liked ours a lot.

A few things became apparent to us after these appointments. Actually, the day before, when we met with a neonatologist at the hospital where I had been planning to deliver. I started to cry that day when she began talking about TPN (how he would be getting his food intravenously). I realized I would not be OK with him being so far from me for several days. Emotionally, I did not need to add that in. So now my current OB called a good friend of hers down in The Medical Center and I was transferred to her for the remainder of the pregnancy. Commotion. Not exactly thrilled about it but at least this is my view during an appointment.


He has not turned again since going breech, so as of right now, a C-section has been scheduled. More commotion. I’m still trying to get him to turn, however, based on the growth ultrasound I am getting soon, how hard I try to get him to turn (ECV, etc), is totally TBD. I mean, hello. I’m not in the business of forcing out a 9 lb 10 oz child. Hell to the no.

But the good news is that my mom has been here helping me. She watches Marin while I go to the doctor and get my hair done. I can get everyone’s hospital bags packed and get a break from waddling after my toddler.


Seriously, she’s the best. My momma > your momma. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

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  1. completely with you on our momma > everyone else’s. it’s just a fact :)


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